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简介1.2015-2016届高三英语周报课标版第25期2.2015-2016英语周报高三课标第26期3.英语周报高三外研综合2016-2017学年第5期4.2015-2016英语周报高三课标13期答案.2015-2016学年 高三英语周报外研版第六期modules 1-2答案Book 2 Modules 1-2参考答案及部分解析参考答案1-5 CACBC 6-10ACCAA11-1






2015-2016学年 高三英语周报外研版第六期modules 1-2答案

Book 2 Modules 1-2




11-15 ACACA 16-20ABCAB

21-25 ABDAB 26-30BDACC

31-35 DDAAB 36-40DEACG

41-45 CBDAC 46-50BADCB

51-55 DBBCD 56-60AADDB

61. saw 62. what

63. traditional 64. of

65. flying 66.which

67. but 68.to buy

69. a 70.easily


71. ... a place that ... that → where

72. ... happening on you ... on → to

73. Keep a diary is ... Keep→ Keeping

74. ... holding onto ... holding→ hold

75. ... also better for ... better→ good

76. ... person diaries ... person → personal

77. ... both of these ... both→ all

78. ... take it nowhere.

nowhere → anywhere

79. ... children often encouraged ...


80. ... and many people ... 去掉and

One possible version:

Dear Sam,

The picture is about a Chinese idiom “qián lǘ jì qióng”.

Once there were no donkeys in Guizhou Province, which is called “qián” forshort. Somebody brought a donkey from somewhere and left it on the mountain. Atiger had never seen a donkey before, so it hid and spied on the donkey. Whenthe donkey made a loud noise, the tiger was frightened, thinking that it was afearsome monster. After a while, seeing that the donkey had not moved, thetiger approached and teased it. The donkey became angry and kicked the tiger.Thinking to itself “Is that all it can do?” the tiger jumped on the donkey andate it.

This idiom means that one has exhausted his/ her skills.


Li Hua





21. A。篇章结构题。由第一段末的I was determined to find a way to be home more ... I quit my job tofocus fully on writing及第二段中的I was a work-from-home mom who never had to be away from my children可推断,作者如愿以偿地做了自由职业者,在工作的同时还可以和孩子们在一起。故划线部分指代“在家工作”。

22. B。推理判断题。由第三段中的The whole reason I worked so hard to be able to write for a livingwas to be at home with my kids and here I was taking them to a day care center.I thought I was a failure then可推断,作者为把孩子们送到日托中心感到愧疚。

23. D。细节理解题。由第四段中的Try telling your kid no, 20 times a day. It's cruel. You end upfeeling worse for having to ignore them可知。

24. A。推理判断题。由最后一段中的I can now show my kids that Mom is important and has a job at aflashy office building, something they didn't realize when ... 可推断,作者的孩子们如今更加为作者感到骄傲。



25. B。词义猜测题。由上文的I ... dislike ... panting及Being really out of breath may mean you're trying too much too soon以及下文的high-


26. B。细节理解题。由第三段中的What's the best exercise? The one you'll do regularly可知,作者建议人们做任何自己能够坚持下去的运动项目。

27. D。推理判断题。由第四段中的making you super-alert and more creative too及 Steve Jobs liked “walking meetings,” and you can follow in theirfootsteps by moving around while ... 可推断,乔布斯的例子是为了证明做运动可以使人们的工作效率更高。

28. A。标题归纳题。通读全文可知,文章列了四个不运动的借口并逐一反驳。故A项最适合作本文的标题。



29. C。细节理解题。由第二段末的the singer was right可知。

30. C。推理判断题。由第五段末的If you have plenty of blue cones, you may see more blue可推断,那些认为裙子是蓝色加黑色饰带的人有很多蓝色视锥细胞。

31. D。推理判断题。第六段讲到为裙子拍照时的背景光也可能给人们识别裙子的颜色带来困惑,因为有的人对背景光比较敏感,他们的大脑能去除背景光的颜色对物体本身颜色的影响,从而导致他们有不同于其他人的结论。据此可推断,背景光影响了人们如何看待裙子的颜色。

32. D。写作目的题。由第三段中的What could cause so many people to see such different things?Scientists have come up with a few theories ... 及下文有关解释可推断,本文主要是为了解释人们对这条裙子的颜色感到困惑的原因。



33. A。细节理解题。由文中的Think about how this book widens your view of the world ... Write tous and tell us about it!可知,参赛者应就某本书写读后感。

34. A。细节理解题。由文中的What else would you add to our Empathy Book List?可知,活动举办方请读者丰富书单。

35. B。推理判断题。通读全文可知,本文是一则关于读书活动的通知。




36. D。D项与上文的A type ofperson who always agrees with everyone else相呼应。

37. E。E项与下文的Try toget them to see how they respond in these situations so they can start to see... 相呼应。

38. A。由本段中的ask for their opinion. Keep asking “why?” or “how come?”以及hear what they say可知,该段主要讲述要询问好好先生他们自己的观点是什么。

39. C。C项与上文的It may bethey are just very agreeable people都是可能导致好好先生唯唯诺诺的原因,并与本段小标题及下文的Identify the causes相呼应。

40. G。G项与上文的Thankthem for their ideas相呼应。




41. C。由下文的with an exciting Sweet 16 birthday party可知,此处是说通过举行生日派对来“庆祝(celebrating)”。

42. B。由第五段中的she wanted to use the money her parents would have spent on a partyto establish a ... grade class for Hermela and other kids可推断,Nubia想要改善埃塞俄比亚孤儿们的生活。

43. D。由第四段中的not being able to have her meal and ... education after the fourthgrade可推断,在埃塞俄比亚很多孩子“面临着(face)”严重的贫穷问题。

44. A。45. C。由下文的theirschool only went through the fourth grade 可知,Nubia对孩子们所面临的“教育(education)”方面的困难“尤其(particularly)”印象深刻。

46. B。由第四段开头的Out of the many students in the kindergarten class, Hermela可知,Hermela是一名“学生(student)”。

47. A。由下文的attached to me to a point where it was becoming ... for both of usto leave each other可知,Hermela和Nubia关系“亲密(close)”。

48. D。由上文的attached to me及下文Nubia对Hermela的关心和担忧可推断,让Hermela和Nubia分开变得“困难(difficult)”。

49. C。由第二段末的their school only went through the fourth grade可知,Hermela在四年级之后就无法继续“接受(receive)”教育。

50. B。Hermela所面临的困难让Nubia觉得“不可思议(unimaginable)”。

51. D。Nubia决定不举行传统的16岁生日派对。“相反(Instead)”,她想把原本要用于生日派对的钱用来帮助Hermela和其他孩子们。

52. B。由第二段末的their school only went through the fourth grade可推断,Nubia想建立一个“第五(fifth)”年级的班级。

53. B。由下文的that will serve for many years compared to the one-day ... 可推断,通过建立第五年级的班级可以提供一个“持久的(lasting)”解决方案。

54. C。举办生日派对只能带来一天的“快乐(pleasure)”。

55. D。由下一段的Keep Hermela Smiling可知,Nubia想让Hermela一直“微笑(smiling)”。

56. A。由上文可知,此处是指Nubia想帮助埃塞俄比亚孤儿们的“计划(plan)”。

57. A。由下文的raise funds for the Fregenet Foundation可推断,Nubia建立了一个“捐款(donation)”页面。

58. D。Nubia的“活动(campaign)”将为一个基金会筹集资金。

59. D。由上文的raise funds for the Fregenet Foundation可知,Nubia已经“募集了(raised)”2781美元善款。

60. B。由下文的they're selling most of their Ethiopian artifacts to help raisefunds可推断,Nubia的父母对她所做的事非常“支持(supportive)”。


61. saw。考查时态。由语境可知,此处指Alex上次见到家人,故用一般过去时。

62. what。考查连接词。设空处引导宾语从句且在从句中作宾语,故填what。

63. traditional。考查形容词。设空处修饰things,表示“传统的”,故填traditional。

64. of。考查介词。be fond of表示“喜欢”。

65. flying。考查非谓语动词。have fun doing sth. 意为“玩得开心”。

66. which。考查关系词。设空处引导非限制性定语从句修饰先行词embroidery,且在从句中作主语,故填which。

67. but。考查连词。not only ... but (also) ... 意为“不但……而且……”。

68. to buy。考查非谓语动词。由what可知,在此填to buy。what to buy作decide的宾语。

69. a。考查冠词。one指代选礼物的事情,且表泛指,故填a。

70. easily。考查副词。设空处修饰谓语think up,故填easily。



Book 8 Modules 5-6




11-15 ACCBB 16-20ABBAC

21-25 ADDAD 26-30ADDAB

31-35 DBABA 36-40ECDFB

41-45 BAADC 46-50CDDAB

51-55 BCCBB 56-60ADBBA

61. a 62.broke

63. unfortunately 64. as

65. because 66.which

67. So 68.Pollution

69. more important 70. building


71. We have decided ... have → had

72. ... acts of kind ... kind → kindness

73. ... half a hour ... a → an

74. ... written nice messages ...

written→ writing

75. ... quite few like ... few前加a

76. ... Be unhappy ... unhappy→ happy

77. ... so reward to ... reward → rewarding

78. ... where they saw ... where → when

79. But it was thrilling ... But → And

80. ... make up a difference! 去掉up

One possible version:

Dear Tom,

I'm glad to hear that you are interested inthe teaching reform in our school. I'm writing to tell you more about it.

Great changes have taken place since a newteaching approach was carried out in our school. In the past, teachers almosttook up all the time in class, writing on the blackboard, explaining points,and asking questions. We students were just listening and busy making notes.But now, students take up most of the time in class, discussing questions,exchanging ideas, and solving problems, while teachers just give some advice.Meeting with problems, we turn to the library or Internet before askingteachers.

I like the new teaching approach because itgives me the chance to think on my own and try different ways to findsolutions.

Welcome to our school if you have anychance.


Li Hua





21. A。推理判断题。由第一段中的Marilyn Monroe's start in life ... foster homes and orphanages可推断,梦露的童年很艰苦。

22. D。段落大意题。该段讲梦露在军工厂工作时被摄影师意外发现,并从此开始了她的模特事业。

23. D。推理判断题。由最后一段中的She was a sweet little girl in a woman's body及It's in her mind可推断,梦露事业的成功主要归功于她迷人的、如孩童般天真的个性。

24. A。推理判断题。由最后一段中的Monroe had the rare ability to combine an intense sensuality with agenuine innocence可推断,梦露是一位有天赋的艺术家。



25. D。细节理解题。由第二、三段可知,青少年应该被鼓励和父母争论。

26. A。词义猜测题。上一段讲和父母冷静地争论的孩子们会在必要时表达不同意见,对待问题有自己的独立的看法。本段讲另外一些截然不同的孩子,他们认为和父母争论没有意义,所以他们在和父母有不同意见时会立即认输。这就导致他们无法形成独立的见解,容易被误导。故A项正确。

27. D。推理判断题。由第五段中的they felt it pointless to argue with their parents. This kind ofpassivity was taken directly into peer groups可推断,Allen担心的是那些没有自己独立见解的青少年。

28. D。细节理解题。由最后四段可知,Allen建议家长认真听孩子讲话并认真答复他们,也就是说家长要和孩子有效地沟通。



29. A。细节理解题。由第一段中的Sunday's tornadoes damaged some small towns in the middle of theU.S.可知,周日美国中部受到了龙卷风的袭击。

30. B。推理判断题。由第三段中的One hundred and fifty people had gathered in the safety of theschool's basement, and all escaped without major harm可推断,学校的人因为提前躲到了地下室而很幸运地从龙卷风中幸存下来。

31. D。细节理解题。由倒数第三段中的while EF5 tornadoes are the severest可知。

32. B。推理判断题。由倒数第二段开头的Although tornadoes can happen in any state, they are most common inthe central U.S. ... Tornado Alley可知,美国中部之所以有“龙卷风巷”的绰号是因为这一地区经常遭遇龙卷风。据此可推断,该绰号和该地的气候有关系。



33. A。细节理解题。由文中的June 20-21可知,该节日只持续两天。

34. B。细节理解题。关于该节日只提到它的举办地是在Zatoka village, Odesa Oblast,其它三项的内容尚不知道或未提及。

35. A。细节理解题。由最后一段可知,Respublica会有关于街头艺术的课程。




36. E。E项是对上文mostpeople would probably rather feel a positive emotion than a negative one的举例说明。

37. C。C项与上文的fear canmake us aware of possible danger相呼应。

38. D。D项是对上文Negativeemotions focus our awareness的进一步说明。

39. F。F项与上文的holdseveral ideas in mind at once相呼应。

40. B。B项中的That指代上文的learn and build on our skills,说明积极情绪的好处。




41. B。作者和妻子在回家途中停下车去吃了点东西。吃完回到车里后,在“发动(started)”车之前,他们注意到一名男子。

42. A。由下文的His clothes were very dirty and worn可推断,该男子是一个“无家可归的(homeless)”人。第四段中的The homeless man也是提示。

43. A。由下文的since it was cold this time of the year可推断,男子到店里买了些“热(warm)”饮。

44. D。作者推测这个无家可归的男子一定是没有足够的“钱(money)”给自己买吃的。

45. C。由下文的The next thing I remember可推断,关于该男子当时的情况作者“记得(remember)”不是很深刻。

46. C。由下文可知,真正让作者“感动(moved)”的,不是男子当时的情况,而是男子给一只狗买吃的。

47. D。由下文的Being a dog lover, I noticed that she was part wolf and probablypart German shepherd可推断,此处是说一只“狗(dog)”。

48. D。作者从狗的样子可以“辨别出(tell)”它是一只母狗。

49. A。人们可以看出这只狗还在“喂养(feeding)”小狗。

50. B。由下文的she and her puppies would not make it可推断,这只狗“极度地(terribly)”需要吃东西。

51. B。看到狗在挨饿,作者感到很“糟糕(bad)”。

52. C。作者知道“如果(if)”这只狗不尽快吃点东西,它和它的小狗就活不下去了。

53. C。由下文的We noticed that people walked by and didn't even pet her可知,作者和妻子坐在车上“看着(looked at)”狗,观察着来来往往的人对这只狗的反应。

54. B。作者认为虽然这只狗不像绝大多数狗那样漂亮和干净,但它“仍然(still)”应该受到更好的待遇。

55. B。看到过往的人都没有帮助这只狗,作者和妻子尽管很同情它,但是也没有为狗做任何事。但是,“有人(someone)”做了。

56. A。由第二段中的he had gone into the store可推断,男子返回了“商店(store)”。

57. D。无家可归的男子没舍得给自己买吃的,却给狗买吃的,这种行为使作者和妻子热泪盈眶。故选tears。

58. B。上文讲到男子返回商店,再由下文的fed that dog可推断,他“买了(bought)”一罐狗粮。

59. B。这个故事虽然不像有些故事那么鼓舞人心,“但是(but)”它对作者和他的妻子影响很大。

60. A。由上段中的people walked by and didn't even pet her可推断,很多人“忘记了(forgot)”一些动物也是父母。


61. a。考查不定冠词。 a series of意为“一系列”。

62. broke。考查一般过去时。由从句中的produced可知,主句中也应用一般过去时,故填broke。

63. unfortunately。考查副词。设空处修饰整个句子,且意为“不幸的是”,故填unfortunately。

64. as。考查介词。become known as意为“作为……而出名”。

65. because。考查连词。设空处之后是这些州被称为产粮区的原因,故填because。

66. which。考查关系词。设空处引导非限制性定语从句补充说明corn and wheat and other grains,且在从句中作主语,故填which。

67. So。考查代词。设空处所在句意为“大草原的生态也被破坏了”,故填So,表示前面提到的情况也适用于另一物。

68. Pollution。考查名词。设空处应用名词作主语,表示抽象概念,故填Pollution。

69. more important。考查形容词的比较级。由下句中的Should we ... orshould we ...可知,设空处所在句意为“人们需要决定哪项更重要”,故填more important。

70. building。考查动词-ing形式作宾语的用法。keep后需跟动词-ing形式作宾语,故填building。







11-15 CACCA 16-20ABCCB

21-25 BAADB 26-30DACDA

31-35 CDCDC 36-40ABCED

41-45 BDCCA 46-50BABAB

51-55 CDAAD 56-60BBCDA

61. What 62.bored

63. to exercise 64. of

65. it 66.a

67. taking 68.which

69. naturally 70. suggestions


71. ... we sometime have ...

sometime → sometimes

72. ... old people's homes. homes → home

73. ... sang the songs ... 去掉the

74. ... are very happy. are → were

75. ... and help teach ... help → helping

76. ... when we grow up ... we → I

77. ... great experience to ... to → for

78. ... would like do ... do前加to

79. ... because she wants ... because → so

80. ... to volunteering at ... volunteering → volunteer

One possible version:

One day, during an interval I left mymobile on my desk to have a rest outside. When I came back I found Henry wasspeaking on it. I got angry and took my mobile back out of his handimmediately, leaving him surprised and embarrassed. Actually what annoyed mewas not that he used it, but that he didn't ask for my permission beforehand.However, it turned out that he was just trying to help. My face still turns redevery time I think of it.

This story tells me never to lose my temperbefore I get the whole picture of what happens.





21. B。细节理解题。根据第一段中的Summer Camp meets for a five-day week, Monday through Friday可知,这个夏令营每周活动五天、休息两天。

22. A。细节理解题。根据第四段中的a monitor packet ... must be given to the YTA supervisor at the endof the day可知答案。

23. A。细节理解题。根据第五段中的Arrive at 8:15 am on Mondays and 8:30 am the rest of the week可知,教学助理在周一要比其他时候早到15分钟。



24. D。细节理解题。根据第一段中的through the statistic I saw an opportunity that I decided to take... I founded UnITe Computing可知答案。

25. B。词义猜测题。由于年龄小,作者不能取得别人的信任,因此如何取得别人的信任成为作者在创业途中碰到的最大“难题”。

26. D。推理判断题。根据最后一段中的It's this go-getting attitude that I firmly believe needs to beencouraged and developed among today's young people可以看出,作者提Ryan Farquharson主要是想引出他说的话。作者认为当今年轻人都应该有他的这种态度。

27. A。推理判断题。根据第二段内容可知,面对别人的质疑,作者并未放弃,而是通过努力让别人改变对自己的看法,由此可以看出作者很有决心;再根据第二段中的my willingness to give back and reward the communities which supportme不难看出,作者非常慷慨。



28. C。推理判断题。根据第三段中的According to Lauren Cordain ... those following the meat-centered menu“lose weightand get healthy ... a caveman diet can prevent and treat many common westerndiseases可以看出,Cordain认为石器时代的饮食有益健康。

29. D。推理判断题。根据第四段But other nutritionists argue that cutting out whole food groupssuch as grains is just not a good idea及第五段中的But what you're asking people to do is cut out a food group which isgood for your health可知,Steer认为吃谷类食物有益健康,不应该把它们从我们的饮食结构中去掉。

30. A。细节理解题。根据最后一段中的we don't get the remains of any vegetables they have eaten becausethey rot away可知,Millard认为,关于石器时代饮食的证据显示不出该饮食结构中蔬菜的成分。

31. C。主旨大意题。通读全文可知,Cordain认为,像我们石器时代祖先那样以肉为主的吃法有益健康,对此Steer,Gowlett和Millard表示怀疑。



32. D。段落大意题。根据第二段中的... all factors that convinced the UNESCO Committee in Paris可知,该段主要介绍了汉诺威被联合国教科文组织评为“音乐之城”的原因。

33. C。推理判断题。根据第四段中的“Simply making music” is the motto of the global music festival “Fête de la Musique” ... Hannover celebrates this majorfestival for tolerance and international understanding可知,Fête de la Musique这一音乐节仅仅关乎音乐,并且体现了包容和国际化这一主题。由此可推测,在这一音乐节上会有不同类型的音乐被演奏。

34. D。细节理解题。通读全文可知,四个音乐节的举办时间分别为7月31日—8月2日,6月21日,5月29、30日,6月17日—6月28日。由此不难看出,Masala World Beat Festival的持续时间最长。

35. C。推理判断题。根据最后一句内容可知,Stiftung Niedersachsen每三年都会邀请全球范围内的优秀小提琴选手来汉诺威参加比赛,由此判断它应该是一个机构名称。




36. A。根据本空前后句内容可知,Fred和Olive由于一战被迫分离后,“于1919年再次相逢并坠入爱河”,然后他们订婚并结婚。

37. B。根据本空后的he did it on purpose because he wanted to make friends with me不难推测,Fred为了吸引Olive的注意,“跟在我后面,并(故意)撞倒我”。

38. C。此处是介绍夫妻二人的婚后生活:Fred成为了出纳主管,而“Olive则待在家里陪伴着孩子们成长”。最后一段中的My mother gaveup her life for her family and home也说明了婚后Olive待在家中相夫教子。

39. E。根据本空前一句可知,Olive认为最好的时光是Fred退休后,因为“(Fred的)退休意味着我们可以有更多的时间在一起”。

40. D。根据本空前一句可知,John说自己的父母深爱着对方,“我和我姐姐不可能再有比他们更相爱的父母了”。




41. B。“不要跟陌生人说话”是父母教给我们的“准则(rule)”。

42. D。Kovert Designs的一个团队问人们:你们最后一次“真正地(really)”看一个陌生人的眼睛是在什么时候?

43. C。第五段中的expose how this new connection提示了本题答案。

44. C。这个实验想揭示当人们“选择(choose)”看陌生人的眼睛时会产生的变化。

45. A。第一段中的an experiment提示了本题答案。

46. B。八个陌生人两两配对,自然会产生“四(four)”组。

47. A。根据后面两段中的opened my eyes和to open their eyes可知,一开始这些人的眼睛都是“闭着的(closed)”。

48. B。最后一段中的the initial anxiety提示了本题答案。

49. A。人们因为还没“准备好(prepared for)”面对接下来发生的事情而感到有些焦虑。

50. B。根据本空后的although thoughts and feelings arose in their minds可知,尽管人们脑中思绪万千,但是他们都“静悄悄地(in silence)”看着对方,谁也没有出声。

51. C。根据本句中的one-on-one interviews可知,在一对一的采访环境中,人们比较容易“吐露(revealed)”刚刚心中的想法。

52. D。上句中的their first impressions, hesitations and thoughtful questions都是一些“评论解释(comments)”。

53. A。下段中的your own vulnerability, your own higher self and other goodqualities都是我们对“我们自己(ourselves)”的了解。

54. A。55. D。 “当(when)”我们去除伪装、放下自我时,我们会“认识到(recognize)”自己的脆弱、更高层次的自己和其他好的品质。

56. B。57. B。根据as well可知,我们也会发现别人的“善(goodness)”,所以我们不再“害怕(frightened)”陌生人。

58. C。上段中的“不再害怕陌生人”就是这些互动的“结果(outcomes)”。

59. D。根据本空前的anxiety可知,跟陌生人对视时,刚开始会感到焦虑和“不舒服(discomfort)”。

60. A。在本文所说的情况下,跟陌生人对视不像我们父母说的那样“危险(dangerous)”。make sb. out to be声称。


61. What。考查疑问词。设空处所在句意为“关于这个我能做些什么”,故填What。

62. bored。考查形容词作表语的用法。设空处意为“感到无聊的”,故填bored。

63. to exercise。考查不定式作主语的用法。It's important to dosth.是固定句型,意为“做某事是重要的”。

64. of。考查介词。the right amount of意为“适量的”。

65. it。考查代词。设空处指代to do this,故填it。

66. a。考查不定冠词。meal在此为可数名词且表泛指,故其前填a。

67. taking。考查动词-ing形式作宾语的用法。advisedoing sth.意为“建议做某事”。

68. which。考查关系词。设空处引导非限制性定语从句,且指代主句的一部分,故填which。

69. naturally。考查副词。设空处修饰谓语,故填副词naturally。

70. suggestions。考查名词。设空处作主语,且之前有These,故填suggestions。



I. 1-5 BBDAD

II. 1-5 BDCBA 6-10 ACDDB

11-15 CABCD 16-20 BCABD





1. B。细节理解题。根据第一段中的when men hunted and women foraged和第二段中的men ... their hunting forefathers wanted to find and bring meat homeas quickly as possible ... women ... scanning plants for signs of ripeness可知,在原始社会男性和女性有着不同的劳动分工。

2. B。推理判断题。根据第三段中的surveyed more than 450 college students about their shopping habits.Participants ranked their level of agreement to statements on a scale (ameasuring system) from 0 to 100可知,Kruger通过分析问卷得出了研究结论。

3. D。细节理解题。根据第五、六两段内容可知,现代女性对购物的较大兴趣源自原始女性采集性的劳动。

4. A。推理判断题。根据倒数第二段中的“When a guy has something specific in mind, he wants to go in, getit, and get out.” For men, anydeer was a good deer. Any meat was good meat可知,如果男性喜欢一样东西,他们会直接去买,因此换季甩卖对于男性顾客来说效果不太明显。

5. D。段落大意题。最后一段中的help men and women better understand each other and limit argumentsthat surround shopping以及help marketers design better stores that attract both genders是关于这项研究的两点现实意义。




1. B。根据下文内容可知,本文介绍了宣传商品的几种“常见(common)”方式。

2. D。由于其庞大的受众群,电视广告“适合(suitable)”具有广泛吸引力的消费品。

3. C。在电视上和**院中播放的广告都是向人们“暗示(suggest)”一种跟广告商品有关的生活方式。

4. B。根据下段开头的However, if the budget is limited可知,此处指电视广告很“昂贵(expensive)”。

5. A。如果预算有限的话,消费品“也(also)”可以通过广播、报纸和杂志做广告。

6. A。根据本空后举的例子可知,在杂志上做广告可以针对“特定的(specific)”群体。

7. C。根据本空前的men between the ages of 20 and 30可知,这个年龄段的男性会对快车“感兴趣(follow)”。

8. D。根据本空前的health-conscious young women可知,这些女性对保持“健康(fit)”感兴趣。

9. D。本段所说的是通过给潜在客户寄送广告材料的广告“形式(form)”。

10. B。11. C。 “由于(Since)”很多寄送到家的广告材料都被直接扔到了废纸篓里,“公司(companies)”需要掌握最新的、经过筛选的客户名单。

12. A。公司自然是希望把广告材料寄送到有可能“买(buy)”他们产品的人家中。

13. B。跟上述通过媒体做广告的方式相比,寄送广告材料“最便宜(cheapest)”。

14. C。做广告的目的就是宣传自己的产品和“服务(services)”。

15. D。16. B。海报、广告牌和在公共交通上做广告非常“有效(effective)”是因为人们不由自主地就“注意到(noticing)”这些广告。

17. C。跟传统广告相比,互联网广告是最近才“流行(popular)”起来的。

18. A。既然是做广告,那么弹出的窗口应该是关于“商品(goods)”的。

19. B。本空后以对高尔夫球棒感兴趣的人“为例(for example)”说明弹出式广告。

20. D。如果一个人最近浏览过关于高尔夫球棒的网页,那么每次他打开互联网“总会(always)”看到关于高尔夫装备的广告。







11-15 CACAB 16-20ACACB

21-25 DADAC 26-30BBCAB

31-35 DDADD 36-40EBDFG

41-45 CBAAD 46-50BDDAB

51-55 ACBDD 56-60CABAA

61. successful 62. was sent

63. leaving 64.that

65. exhausted 66. so

67. Without 68.suddenly

69. the 70.have left


71. A day I came ... A → One

72. ... way to home. 去掉to

73. While walked in ... walked → walking

74. He accidental dropped ...

accidental → accidentally

75. ... didn't know that ...

that→ if / whether

76. ... should keep them. them → it

77. ... I will like the money ... will → would

78. ... giving back to ... giving → given

79. ... but gave him ... but → and

80. ... praised me what ... me后加for

One possible version:

Dear Mr. Smith,

I'm writing to express my warmest thanks toyour son, David. He offered me great help with my English learning while he wasstudying in China.

I've sent several e-mails after hisreturning to America.However, I haven't got any reply so far. It's possible that I've got a wronge-mail address. It has been a long time since I saw him. I wonder if he ishaving a good time. Can you do me a favor and help me get in touch with him?

With the Spring Festival drawing near, I'dlike to invite him to travel in China.I can act as his tour guide.

Yours sincerely,

Li Hua





21. D。推理判断题。由第三段中的They knew that ... the fewer chemicals the farmers had to use可推断,这两名学生此前就知道瓢虫有益于人类。

22. A。推理判断题。由第四段末的couldn't believe their eyes. North Dakota did not have a stateinsect可推断,孩子们看到州虫列表时很惊讶——北达科他州居然没有州虫。

23. D。细节理解题。由第五段中的This ladybug was of great benefit to their farming state and itdeserved a place of honor可知,他们之所以选该种瓢虫作为州虫是因为这种瓢虫对该州的农业很有好处。

24. A。细节理解题。由最后一段中的Believe in your dreams及But make sure you are ready to do work to back them up可知,这两名学生鼓励孩子们为梦想而努力。



25. C。篇章结构题。由第二段开头的But are they kidding themselves ... as good for us?及下文的研究可推断,划线词指代人们是否必须做高强度的运动才能受益。

26. B。细节理解题。由第四段末的These women were walking slowly, and could easily carry on aconversation可知。

27. B。细节理解题。由第五段中的their pants fit differently. It's because they have less belly fat... 可知。

28. C。推理判断题。由最后两段可知,研究的参与者通过步行不仅减掉了腹部脂肪,而且精神更健康,精力更充沛。故C项正确。



29. A。词义猜测题。由下文那位女士做手势、讲话、翻译的情节及段末的that moment of confusion可推断,那位女士的表现很奇怪。

30. B。段落大意题。由第二段中的how movements are tied to speech及gesture is so tightly bound to language that以及所举例子可推断,本段主要是说手势和语言是紧密联系的。

31. D。细节理解题。由第三段末的while gesturing that the glass is wider ... both dimensions areimportant可知,通过孩子们的手势可以知道他们能够意识到玻璃容器宽度的重要性。

32. D。推理判断题。由最后一段可知,被鼓励做手势的孩子表达能力会比较强;成年人做手势可以帮助思考进而解决问题。据此可推断,做手势帮助人们更有效地思考和表达。



33. A。推理判断题。由第二段中的who bumped fists instead of shaking hands to avoid catching colds可推断,Stan Musial击拳是为了代替握手,而握手通常表示问候。

34. D。细节理解题。由第三段中的When teammate Dusty Baker hit his 30th home run ... Burke couldn't containhis excitement. As Baker crossed home plate, Burke excitedly threw his arm inthe air可知,Glenn Burke挥起胳膊是因为他为队友的成功感到高兴。

35. D。推理判断题。由最后一段中的her ‘brightsayings’ were notoriginal by ... Her fingers were her ‘quotation marks’可推断,人们说话时使用手势引号就像在书面文字中使用双引号一样,是为了表示引用。




36. E。E项是上文scientistsdon't know much about this tiny creature的原因,并与下文的In fact, it had been more than 20 years since anyone had seen an Ilipika相呼应。

37. B。B项与上文的combedthe mountains looking for the animals及下文的They found it ... 相呼应。

38. D。由下文的When researchers ... it was indeed a new species可推断,当Li于1983年首次发现这种动物时,他和当地人都不知道这是什么动物。

39. F。F项与上文的This tinyspecies could be extinct anytime相呼应。

40. G。G项与下文的create awildlife reserve to help protect Ili pikas相呼应。




41. C。由上文的be a child prodigy可知,神童比身边每个人都“聪明(smarter)”。

42. B。由下文的because you don't have to work in school可推断,神童令朋友们“嫉妒(envious)”,因为神童在学校不必学习。

43. A。神童的父母“从不(never)”抱怨他们的学业。

44. A。45. D。由下文的Manychild prodigies have lonely ... childhoods可推断,“不幸的是(Unfortunately)”,上面关于当神童很好的说法是“不正确的(incorrect)”。

46. B。由上文的lonely可知,很多神童在童年时代“没有朋友(friendless)”。

47. D。由下文的Even a very young prodigy ... level of a young ... 可推断,神童的智力年龄、社会年龄、情绪年龄和生理年龄“截然不同(different)”。

48. D。即使是一个很年轻的天才也可能有成年人的“智力(intelligence)”。

49. A。神童的社会和情绪年龄仍然处于“小孩(child)”的水平。

50. B。研究“表明(shows)”朋友之间认为彼此相似。

51. A。上述研究结果“意味着(means)”一对朋友喜欢相同的活动。

52. C。一对朋友的言谈举止“相似(similar)”。

53. B。神童找不到和他们相似的人,“因此(so)”,他们会感到孤独。

54. D。由下文的about his interest可推断,Ian热爱恐龙。故选crazy。

55. D。由上文的Many children of all ages also like dinosaurs和However一词的转折可推断,Ian“很少(rarely)”能找到可以和他谈论恐龙的人。

56. C。其他孩子不认为Ian所了解的知识“有趣(interesting)”。

57. A。he keeps correcting them是they often don't like him的原因,故选because。

58. B。上文提到了解恐龙的孩子们太少,所以Ian只能和“知识渊博的(knowledgeable)”成年人谈论恐龙。

59. A。Ian和成年人的社会和情绪年龄不同;他“仍然(still)”是个孩子。

60. A。由上文可知,Ian和同龄人没有共同爱好,和成年人又属于不同的社会年龄层次,所以没有人真正在同一水平上“分享(shares)”他的兴趣。


61. successful。考查形容词作表语的用法。设空处作表语且意为“成功的”,故填successful。

62. was sent。考查一般过去时的被动语态。由语境可知send所表示的动作发生在过去,且father与send之间是被动关系,故填was sent。

63. leaving。考查动词-ing形式作宾语的用法。介词后需跟动词-ing形式作宾语,且he与leave之间是逻辑上的主谓关系,故填leaving。

64. that。考查关系词。设空处引导限制性定语从句修饰all,且在从句中作did的宾语,故填that。

65. exhausted。考查过去分词作定语的用法。设空处作定语修饰名词woman,且意为“疲惫不堪的”,故填exhausted。

66. so。考查副词。so ... that ...是固定句型,意为“如此……以致于……”。

67. Without。考查介词。由wouldn't have found可知,本句是含蓄条件句,故填Without。

68. suddenly。考查副词。设空处作状语修饰动词remembered,故填suddenly。

69. the。考查定冠词。what's the matter是固定表达,意为“出了什么事”。

70. have left。考查现在完成时。由语境可知,设空处是对已经发生的情况的描述,强调对现在造成的影响,故填have left。



Book 2 Modules 3-4




11-15 ACBCB 16-20ACBBA

21-25 CBBDC 26-30CDACD

31-35 CCBAC 36-40BAECG

41-45 CADAB 46-50CBBAD

51-55 DCBBA 56-60ADBCC

61. It 62.the

63. untidy 64.keeps

65. fairly 66.up

67. to stop 68. that

69. of 70.where


71. Behind me being ... being → was

72. ... and obvious hadn't ...

obvious → obviously

73. The other stood ... other → others

74. ... notice him after ... after → until

75. ... rolled his eyes. his → her

76. ... when I turned back ... when → that

77. ... had been happened. 去掉been

78. Looking for him ... for → at

79. ... “Have nice day.” nice前加a

80. ... look happy. look → looking

One possible version:


In order to help foreign students learnmore about Chinese culture, two optional courses are to be offered in ourschool. The courses will be open to any student who is interested in them.

If you want to experience the beauty ofChinese language, the appreciation of poetry is the right course. It focuses onintroducing the characteristics of the poetry of Tang and Song dynasties andappreciating their beauty. The paper-cutting course is designed for those wholove using their hands. By taking the course, you will not only learn how tomake different types of paper-cutting but get familiar with its connection toChinese culture.

For more information, please contact theDean's office.





21. C。词义猜测题。由上文的I've planned to attend an emergent webinar及下文的I don't have time for this可知,作者“不情愿地(reluctantly)”穿上靴子准备遛狗。故C项正确。

22. B。推理判断题。由第三段中的I walk slowly with heavy steps, worrying about my to-do list, and Idon't notice the world around me可推断,刚开始散步时,作者感到紧张不安。

23. B。细节理解题。由第五段开头的Once again, my animal teacher is reminding me to enjoy the presentmoment可知,Rio“教育”作者要活在当下。

24. D。标题归纳题。由最后一段When we walk home, I smile broadly, spirit washed clean, ready forwhatever the day may bring可知,忙碌又焦虑的作者通过在雪地中散步心情舒畅了。故D项恰当。



25. C。细节理解题。由第一段末的People notice him because when he runs, “Barefoot Mike” runs barefoot可知,Mike跑步时备受关注是因为他没穿鞋。

26. C。细节理解题。由第二段中的accidentally stepped into a huge muddy puddle ... the wet and dirty shoe made it really hard可知,Mike当时赤脚跑步是因为他的一只鞋踩到水坑里后变得又湿又脏,极不舒服。

27. D。细节理解题。由第三段中的“It felt so good!” Mike said ...It was awesome!”可知,Mike赤脚跑了一会儿后感觉出乎意料地好。

28. A。推理判断题。由倒数第二段末的Many runners have impact injuries such as knee pain. Heel-strikingmay be the cause of these injuries or may make an existing injury worse可推断,足跟着地对身体有害。


本文是说明文。文章介绍了girl Friday一词的含义和来源。

29. C。细节理解题。由第二段中的a woman who fits this role is well organized and handles a lot ofbusiness and administrative matters可知,该段提到的girl Friday应该具备较强的组织能力。

30. D。推理判断题。由第四段中的it refers to someone who is more of a personal cheerleader anddevoted friend, in other words, the female version of a “wingman.”可知,该词的意思应是陪伴和支持某人的男性朋友。

31. C。段落大意题。由最后一段中的the author of Robinson Crusoe, indirectly gave birth to the term “girl Friday”及下文可知,本段主要讲girlFriday一词的来源。

32. C。篇章结构题。文章第一段概括讲了girl Friday一词的含义,第二、三、四段分别详细说明了该词的三种含义,最后一段是该词的来源。故C项正确。



33. B。推理判断题。由Florence部分的Tickets:Adults, $8; kids ages 6 to 14, $4可知,一个成年人和两个8岁的孩子共需支付16美元。

34. A。细节理解题。由London部分的Visit the Red Zone tolearn about our planet可知,在红色区域可以了解到与地球相关的知识。

35. C。细节理解题。由文章最后一段的It opens every weekday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., except Thurs., whenthe museum is open until 8 p.m.可知,只有周四晚上可以参观加拿大自然博物馆。




36. B。B项与上文的Nancy was bornin Manhattan相呼应。

37. A。A项与上文的Nancy marriedRonald Reagan相呼应,都是讲里根夫妇的婚姻和家庭。

38. E。E项与下文的she had hired anastrologer to assist in planning the president's schedule相呼应。

39. C。下文的The book's name is ... sold many copies是对C项中的a book的介绍。

40. G。G项是对上文She also askedPresident George W. Bush to support stem cell research的解释说明。




41. C。由下文的They were high-quality pieces of furniture可推断,作者和丈夫一起“赞赏(admiring)”高档的桌椅。

42. A。由下文的They invited us to sit and enjoy a meal可知,介绍这些家具的是这个家的“主人(hosts)”。

43. D。由上文的They're antiques可知,这些古董桌椅是夫妇俩珍爱的“宝物(treasures)”。

44. A。由下文的we settled in及He leaned backin his chair可推测,饭菜被“摆上桌(served)”后,大家就座了。

45. B。由上文的grew comfortable及下文的withoutthinking, got into a bad habit. He leaned back in his chair, far enough to liftthe front legs可推断,作者的丈夫坐得有点太“舒服(comfortable)”了,以至于仰靠在椅背上时将椅子坐倒了。

46. C。作者的丈夫向后仰靠在椅背上以至于使椅子的前腿离开了“地面(floor)”。

47. B。由下文的He's a lot to put in a chair可知,作者的丈夫非常“胖(large)”。

48. B。由下文的an even worse sight — that beautiful antique chair was ... useless可推断,作者的丈夫从椅子上摔倒的瞬间发出了“可怕的(terrible)”声响。

49. A。由下文的useless可知,漂亮的古董椅子“坏了(broken)”。

50. D。由上文可知作者的丈夫把漂亮的祖传椅子坐坏了,故二人向主人真诚地“道歉(apologized)”。

51. D。珍爱的椅子坏了,主人显然很“伤心(sad)”。

52. C。主人又拿了一把祖传的椅子“邀请(invited)”作者的丈夫坐下。

53. B。由I'm glad可知,除了之前被弄坏的那把椅子,没有椅子再被“损坏(harmed)”。

54. B。由上文的they insisted they would have no problem repairing the damage ... myhusband to sit in it可知,和贵重的椅子相比,主人更看重“友好的行为(kindness)”。

55. A。主人面对祖传椅子被损坏的事实仍对作者夫妇友好相待,说明他们认为人比“财产(possessions)”重要。

56. A。他人并不总“像(as)”我们那样珍惜我们所珍惜的东西。

57. D。由上文作者的丈夫弄坏主人家的贵重椅子的例子可知,人们并不总是“小心翼翼地(carefully)”行动。

58. B。59. C。如果我们珍惜人,那就最好看淡自己的财物,“尽管(even if)”这样会使我们失去喜爱的东西。holdloosely to看淡。

60. C。祖传的椅子无法替代,人也同样无法“替代(replaced)”。


61. It。考查it的用法。设空处作形式主语,故填It。

62. the。考查定冠词。all the time意为“一直,始终”。

63. untidy。考查形容词作表语的用法。由语境可知,此处意为“他的头发不整齐”,故填untidy。

64. keeps。考查一般现在时。keep在此表示的是经常或习惯性发生的动作,且主语是第三人称单数,故填keeps。

65. fairly。考查副词。设空处修饰副词often,故填fairly(相当)。

66. up。考查副词。set up意为“建立”。

67. to stop。考查不定式作状语的用法。I与stop是逻辑上的主谓关系,且设空处表目的,故填to stop。

68. that。考查连接词。设空处引导宾语从句,且从句的意义和成分均完整,故填that。

69. of。考查介词。kind of意为“有点儿”。

70. where。考查关系词。设空处引导非限制性定语从句修饰Monte Carlo,且在从句中作地点状语,故填where。



1-4 DBDA 5-8 DCAD




1. D。细节理解题。由第三段中的the wants to increase the domestic market可知,卢旺达政府想要鼓励本国公民喝咖啡。

2. B。细节理解题。由第六段But for most Rwandans, the price of coffee makes it unattainable ...and tea, which cost a lot less可知,大多数卢旺达人认为咖啡价格太高了。

3. D。细节理解题。由第七段中的They are exported to Europe or the United States, then reimportedafter roasting可知,卢旺达人依赖外国烤咖啡豆。

4. A。推理判断题。由倒数第二段中的Because now I know the taste, if I could afford to buy it in a shop,I would buy it and prepare it at home可推断,Baziruwile喜欢喝咖啡。



5. D。细节理解题。由第一段中的because television has abandoned serious examination of developingcountries可知,英国人之所以对发展中国家的情况了解甚少是因为英国的电视媒体对于这些国家的消息报道得太少。

6. C。推理判断题。由第三段中Don Redding说的话可知,我们绝大多数人都是从电视上获取信息来了解世界上发生的一切,然而英国的电视媒体却几乎没有关于除英国之外的其它地区的生活、文化和政治报道。由此可知,他认为英国电视节目应该多一些世界性的纪实报道。

7. A。细节理解题。由文中的数字信息可知,旅游节目占到国际纪实节目的三分之一,电视真人秀节目约占10%,而关于发展中国家的发展、人权和环境类节目仅6%,政治节目更少,仅有4个。由此可知,旅游节目在国际纪实节目中所占比例最大。

8. D。推理判断题。由最后一段中的It made no mention of the K'Wa, or bushmen, being evicted from theirancestral areas in a human rights disaster以及the broadcasters of failing to carry out their responsibilities tocover the wider world可知,作者举Ian Wright的探险事例是为了说明英国电视媒体应该做一些对社会进行深入调查的节目。


Book 5 Units 1-2




11-15 ABBCC 16-20BACBB

21-25 CABBB 26-30BCBDA

31-35 DDADB 36-40ADBCF

41-45 BADDC 46-50ABCCB

51-55 ABDDA 56-60DCCBA

61. to say 62.up

63. appears 64.because

65. It 66.where

67. extremely 68. impolite

69. of 70.a


71. ... and especially boys. 去掉and

72. ... got addicted to ... got → get

73. ... and it can ... it → they

74. ... too many time ... many → much

75. On my opinion ... On → In

76. ... finish our homeworks ...

homeworks → homework

77. ... little time play ... play → playing

78. ... to study hardly. hardly → hard

79. ... our best get ... get前加to

80. ... the useful person ... the → a

One possible version:

Smart phones have become part of our dailylife. No matter where we are, we can see people busy playing with their smartphones.

Smart phones benefit us. They not only helpus get information around the world more quickly and easily, but also escapethe pressures of life.

However, every coin has two sides. When wespend too much time on smart phones, we don't have time to communicate face toface with our friends or family, and our life, studies and work will be badlyaffected.

In my opinion, we should avoid using smartphones too much except for the purpose of learning. Meanwhile, it's necessaryfor us to take part in more outdoor activities.





21. C。词义猜测题。根据第二段中的he struggled to sound out “Bud the Sub.” It sounded more like “Baw Daw Saw”及his difficulty with the alphabet可知,Ronny读不清单词,认字母也费劲,由此可推测,Ronny有言语障碍,即在言语这方面“缺乏能力”。

22. A。推理判断题。根据第三段内容,尤其是I needed something positive可推测,作者给Ronny颁发了“最佳进步读者奖”并送了他一本书是为了鼓励他。

23. B。推理判断题。根据第五段中的Fighting back tears可知,作者是带着感动的心情去听Ronny给她读书;再根据倒数第三段中的he read to me with more expression, clarity, and ease than I'd everthought possible for him可知,作者没想到Ronny能读得那么好,由此可推测,Ronny的进步让作者有些惊讶。

24. B。推理判断题。根据倒数第二段中的my own writing career及最后一段I want to be that author可推测,作者是一名作家。



25. B。细节理解题。根据第三段内容可知,Kickstarter只是一个筹资平台,并不参与各个项目的运作,每位艺术家需要对自己的项目完全负责。

26. B。推理判断题。根据倒数第二段中的Funding on Kickstarter is all-or-nothing — projects must reach their fundinggoals to receive any money可知,只有筹款总数达到了预定目标,项目发起人才可以拿到钱,否则的话什么都拿不到(nothing)。

27. C。段落大意题。根据最后一段的开头Mozart, Beethoven, Mark Twain, and other artists funded works insimilar ways及结尾Kickstarteris an extension of this model可知,Kickstarter筹资的方式由来已久,莫扎特、贝多芬、马克?吐温等艺术家都用过这种方式筹资。



28. B。推理判断题。根据第二段中的They were hanging out in coffeehouses or just walking around thestreets of Manhattan; that's what they do, unless they're going to a movie可知,在Russo女儿的成长过程中,她的休闲活动仅限于跟朋友在咖啡馆里消磨时间、逛街或者看**。由此可推测,Russo的女儿当时没有多少休闲活动。

29. D。推理判断题。根据第三段中对Fisher女士身份的介绍及第四段中的Thetrick is ... How do I get them interacting with other people可知,Aldyn的少年活动室能让孩子们跟其他人多交流,这是这个楼盘的卖点。

30. A。细节理解题。根据第五段中的The Laureate's tween room, though, puts particular stress onlearning可知答案。

31. D。推理判断题。根据最后一段中的After finishing their work, they come here. “They just like the idea of sittingnext to a friend, and they may not even be talking to each other, but just thatcompanionship is important,”可知,孩子们喜欢来这个少年活动室是因为那里有朋友相伴,氛围很愉快。



32. D。推理判断题。根据第一段中的a streaming video of everything ... won't stop playing in my mind及第二段内容可知,作者上床睡觉时,脑子里就像放**一样,无论作者采取什么措施,都无济于事,因此她不能入睡。

33. A。篇章结构题。根据第四段内容可知,运动披着“治疗方法”的外衣,所以如果连“运动”这个方法都不能帮助作者逃避的话,那么还有什么能防止她崩溃呢?

34. D。细节理解题。根据第六段中的it so easy to keep this addiction a secret; it's not as obvious aslighting up a cigarette可知,运动上瘾不像抽烟那样很容易被人们发觉。

35. B。推理判断题。根据第五段中的I suffer from depression and OCD及倒数第三段中的I wonder ... It still feels very far away可知,作者患有精神方面的疾病,并且治愈之路遥遥无期。




36. A。根据上文作者碰到乞丐后马上确认车门锁着及下文作者跟女儿说这样做是为了安全可推测,本空应该是“女儿问:‘妈妈,你为什么那样做呢?’”

37. D。根据本空前的shocked及本空后的一系列动作及想法可推测,这名乞丐吓了作者一跳,所以“我往后退了一点,给他让出点空间”。

38. B。根据本空前后的动作可知,这名乞丐帮作者把袋子放上车,“然后在那儿等着作者给些酬劳”,所以作者给了他一些钱。

39. C。根据本空后女儿的反应及下段所说的话可推测,“作者回家后把(上周发生的事及自己的想法)告诉了女儿”,女儿对此很惊讶。

40. F。根据本空前后的内容可知,作者因为听到太多坏人取胜的故事,所以变得麻木和冷漠,“找不到自己的心了”。但是女儿的一番话让作者决定重新找回自己的心。




41. B。根据本空前后句内容可知,在人类早期历史中,家不过是一堆熟悉的人围在火堆旁而已,但是无论“家(home)”是什么,家就是家,其它地方都不能称之为家。

42. A。根据下文的“家就是家,其它地方都不能称之为家”可知,“家”就是我们头脑中呈现出来的“空间(space)”概念。

43. D。下文中的in other places提示了本题答案。

44. D。本空下一句解释了“感觉像家”和“在家”在心理上的“不同(difference)”。

45. C。在其它地方感觉像家了应该是初到这个地方时的“不是家”的感觉“减轻了(reduced)”。

46. A。有些人一次又一次地发现家,这说明他们总在“搬家(move)”。

47. B。根据本空前的find another可知,只有“离开(leaving)”家才需要找到另外一个家。

48. C。根据本空前的内容可知,有些人一次又一次地搬家,但是总能找到家的感觉,有些人一旦离开了家就再也没有什么地方能给他们家的感觉,自然还有一些人“从来没有(never)”离开过家。

49. C。根据本段内容,尤其是sleeping at my friends' houses, made everything seem alien可推测,对于想家的孩子来说,在家和不在家感觉非常不同。sharp表示“明显的,清晰的”,符合此处语境。

50. B。根据本空后的felt a strong connection between people及everything seem alien可知,想家的孩子“遭受了(suffer from)”这些不同带来的痛苦。

51. A。根据本空后的because I was one of them可知,作者身为其中一员,非常理解想家的孩子们的“感受(feeling)”。

52. B。根据下句中But的转折语气可知,在作者从小长大的小镇里,他 “到处(everywhere)”都能感受到人和人之间的紧密联系。

53. D。根据本空后的sleeping at ... 及got back home in the morning可知,这里是指作者不在家过“夜(night)”。

54. D。破折号后就是作者对家的“见解(point)”。

55. A。对于“熟悉(familiar)”的事物,人们已经习惯它的存在,所以不需要特别注意就知道它在那里。

56. D。根据语境可知,这里是指父亲去世“后(After)”,作者兄弟姐妹回到了父亲家。

57. C。下文中的in the house提示了本题答案。

58. C。根据上句中的my father died可知,这里是指父亲“不在了(absence)”。

59. B。60. A。根据本段最后一句Theperson whose heart and mind could bind them into a single thing — a home — had gone可知,父亲不在了,就好像有什么从家里的东西上“消失了(disappeared)”,这些东西就“仅仅(merely)”只是物品了,再也没有家的感觉了。


61. to say。考查不定式作定语的用法。have sth. to do意为“有某事要做”。

62. up。考查副词。bring up意为“提出”。

63. appears。考查一般现在时。appear在句中表示客观事实,且主语是第三人称单数,故填appears。

64. because。考查连词。just because ... doesn't mean ...是常用句式,意为“仅仅因为……并不意味着……”。

65. It。考查it作形式主语的用法。设空处作形式主语,真实主语是不定式短语,故填It。

66. where。考查关系词。设空处引导定语从句修饰shop,且在从句中作地点状语,故填where。

67. extremely。考查副词。设空处修饰形容词rude,故填extremely。

68. impolite。考查形容词作补语的用法。由private可知,评论别人的体重是不礼貌的,故填impolite。

69. of。考查介词。be proud of意为“以……自豪”。

70. a。考查不定冠词。fan是可数名词且此处表泛指,故填a。

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